Learner: Setting Goals


Goal Planning Blank noteCreating a Goal

  1. Click the blank goal summary on the learner dashboard to open the Goal Planning page.
  2. Click Add Another Goal in the sticky note outline to open a blank goal in which you can create a new goal summary.
  3. Click the new note and type a short goal summary. When you are finished, press Enter or click outside the note.
  4. Click on the Areas of Strength or Areas for Growth note cards to add general thoughts about your teaching. Click outside the note card to update the text.


Entering Goal Details

The goal details screen allows you to align a goal to indicators and define attributes, such as completion date. Districts choose their own detail questions, so your questions may vary from those shown below.

  1. Click View Details at the bottom of a goal summary to open the Goal Details page.button-view-details.png
  2. To answer a detail question, click Add Answer, enter a response in the text box that displays, and then click Save


Goal Details page

  1. To align a goal with indicators, click the Align this to open the indicator table.

Align goal with indicators link

  1. If your district has multiple rubrics, choose a rubric.
  2. Use the checkboxes to select indicators you wish to align with your goal and then click Save when finished.
goal-indicators-choose-rubric-w-text.png goal-indicators-choose-indicators-w-text.png

Documenting Goal Support and Growth

Use the Goal Progress area at the bottom of the goal to document both the supports you use to achieve your goals and the growth you are accomplishing with your goals.

See Adding Progress Posts to Your Goals for instructions on using the Goal Progress area.



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