Creating New User Accounts (Step 2) - Defining Relationships

Creating Observer-Learner Relationships

In order for users to schedule activities, share information, and perform other collaborative actions, you must first define their relationships in User Management.

  1. After opening the user's account, click the Relationships tab.




  1. Click Add New Learner or Add New Observer.




  1. Choose a user from the menu and then click the Add button.





  1. Repeat to add more observers, as needed.





Creating Auto-Share Relationships

Activities are conducted between a learner and observer. There are situations where it is appropriate for other observers to be able to view a learner’s activity, but not participate in the activity. Use auto-share to allow access to others’ activities or to give others access to the user’s activities.

  1. Click an auto-share link to choose observers.
    • These people can see [user name's] observations
    • [User name] can see observations by these people



  1. Click Add new auto-share observer.
  2. Select an organization, if applicable, and then select an observer.


For example, if you set observer Obi-Wan Kenobi’s auto-share to allow observer Yoda to view his activities, and you know that Yoda will need to see Obi-Wan's activitiesof learner Luke Skywalker, you must ensure that Luke Skywalker has an observer-learner relationship with Yoda.        ~Auto-share you must~



Removing Auto-Share Relationships

To remove an auto-share relationship, perform the actions below:

  1. Return to either the primary observer's or auto-share observer's profile, and then open the appropriate auto-share link.
  2. Find the desired user tile and click Delete in the upper right corner.





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