Learner Dashboard Overview

Navigating the Site – Home Page

The learner dashboard opens after signing in. The learner dashboard allows you to navigate to the site’s main sections, and offers access to areas and features that have been enabled by your district, and are appropriate for the teacher role. Take a quick tour by reviewing the screenshot and accompanying highlights below.


Main Navigation Bar

Navigate to the site section you wish to visit. Available sections are determined by both your role and the features enabled by your district.


Learner account settings

Use to update your profile; sign out; and transition between learner and observer (if applicable).

Visit My E-Portfolio


Click Visit My E-Portolio to open the E-Portfolio.

Upcoming BloomList Items


Shows the 4 most current BloomList items and provides access to the BloomList.
  • Click Create a new item to create a new BloomList item.
  • Click a BloomList item (preceded by a pencil icon) to open the item.
  • Click the Details link on the bottom to open the full BloomList.

Current Activities


Displays the 4 most current observations and meeting activities, and provides access to all activities.
  • Click a link to open an activity.
  • Click the See All Activities link on the bottom to view all of your scheduled observations and meetings.

Goal Summaries

View and access goals displayed as sticky notes.
  • Click a goal to open its details screen.
  • Use the details screen to modify the summary text or answer/modify goal questions.

Goal Planning

Open Goal Planning to create new goals and access SLOs.

  • Click the Ready to plan your goals or SLOs note to open Goal Planning.
  • Use Goal Planning to navigate to existing goals; create new goals; or work on SLOs.

Learning Recommendations

Click Explore Resources to access BloomBoard's collections and Micro-credentials to find professional learning resources to support your professional learning goals.




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