Observer FAQs - MSLs

Q: How can I view a learner's MSLs? I don't have a scheduled ctivity for the MSL yet.
A: You can navigate to the MSL before an activity is scheduled by clicking the learner’s profile picture on your dashboard and navigating to his/her Goal Planning page.  The Goal Planning page displays a link to the learner’s MSLs. You can find detailed navigation instructions, including images, in our support article  Observer Measures of Student Learning
Q: A learner wants to make changes to his MSLs. How do I unlock an MSL?

You must first navigate to the MSL by either clicking the activity in the dashboard or navigating through the learner’s profile. In the open MSL, scroll to the bottom to find and click Enable Editing for Learner.  You can find more detailed instructions, including images, in the links below.

Navigating to an MSL      

Enable editing in an MSL
Q: How do I approve an MSL after the learner has submitted them?
A: To approve a submitted MSL, return to the MSL and click the Approve SLO button. You may need to scroll down to view the button. View our support article,  Observer: Measures of Student Learning,  for more detailed instructions.
Q: What should the weighting be for MSLs?
A: The weighting of all MSLs together must total 100%.


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