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Q: How can I view a learner's SLOs? I have not scheduled an activity for the SLO yet.
A: You can navigate to the SLO before an activity is scheduled by clicking the learner’s profile picture on your dashboard and navigating to his/her Goal Planning page.  The Goal Planning page displays a link to the learner’s SLOs. You can find detailed navigation instructions, including images, in our support article  Managing a Learner's SLOs (Student Learning Objectives).
Q: A learner wants to make changes to his SLOs. How do I unlock an SLO?
A: You must first navigate to the SLO by either clicking the activity in the dashboard or navigating through the learner’s profile. In the open SLO, scroll to the bottom to find and click Enable Editing for Learner.  You can find more detailed instructions, including images, in the links below.

Navigating to an SLO      

Enable editing in an SLO
Q: How do I approve an SLO after the learner has submitted it?
A: To approve a submitted SLO, return to the SLO and click the Approve SLO button. You may need to scroll down to view the button. View our support article, Managing a Learner's SLOs for more detailed instructions.
Q: What should the weighting be for each SLO?
A: If an SLO is based on a single assessment, then that assessment accounts for 100% of the SLO and the learner should enter 100% in the weight field.

If the learner is using more than one assessment for an SLO, then you and the learner must determine the weight for each assessment associated with that SLO. Remember that the weights of the assessments for an individual SLO must add to100%. For example, if SLO1 uses two equally weighted assessments, the learner enters 50% for each of the assessments.
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