Observer: Managing a Learner's SLOs

Accessing a Learner’s SLOs

You can view a learner's SLOs at any time, even prior to submission, but you cannot directly modify them – only a learner can create and edit an SLO.

SLOs are typically found within a meeting by clicking an activity link, but learners can start an SLO from their Goal Planning page if the activity is not yet scheduled. The steps below explain how to access a learner's SLOs from the learner's profile. 

Helpful Hint: To access an SLO that is part of a scheduled activity, click the activity link in the dashboard to go directly to the SLO.

  1. To access a learner’s SLOs prior to scheduling the activity, click the learner’s profile image on your dashboard.
  2. From the learner’s home page, click the goal note that is marked Ready to plan your goals or SLOs?

  1. When the Goal Planning Page opens, click Student Learning Objectives.


  1. When the SLO opens, scroll to review the opened SLO.


Helpful Hint: If you wish to view archived SLOs, use the school year menu in the top right to click the year you wish to view.


SLOs display different action options as they progress through the approval and rating cycle. Go to SLO Statuses to learn more about where to view an SLO's status and what the status means.


Enabling Editing for a Learner's Submitted SLOs 

When the learner submits his/her SLOs for approval, they are locked and cannot be edited.

  1. Navigate to the learner’s SLO and click the Enable Editing for Learner button at the bottom to unlock the SLO.

  1. Click Yes, enable editing to continue or Cancel to exit.



Approving a Learner's SLOs

  1. Navigate to the learner's SLO and click the Approve SLO button at the bottom to approve the SLO. (Note: if you don't see the Approve SLO button, the learner will need to first submit the SLO for approval on their end.)

  1. Click Approve please to continue or Cancel to exit the approval process. 

Helpful Hint: An approved SLO is locked so the learner cannot edit it, but you can enable editing, if needed, by following the instructions above.


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