Learner: Measures of Student Learning FAQs

Q: Can I edit my MSL after it's been approved?
A: If you and your observer agree that changes are needed on your MSL, ask your observer to unlock it for editing. You will need to re-submit your MSL for approval and your observer will need to re-approve it.
Q: I need to make changes to my submitted my MSL, but it is locked. How can I unlock it?
A: A submitted MSL is locked for editing, but you can ask your observer to enable editing and unlock it.
Q: How do I start an MSL? My observer has not scheduled the activity yet.
A: You can navigate to the MSL before an activity is scheduled by first clicking the blank goal note at the bottom of your home page to open the Goal Planning page. The Goal Planning page displays a link to your MSLs. You can find more detailed navigation instructions, including images, in our support article below.

Adding Measures of Student Learning

Q: How do I save my MSL?

You can save an MSL at any time during the creation and editing phase. The Save this MSL button is located underneath the Ratings boxes. You may need to scroll to see the button. If you created more than one assessment in your MSL, remember to save all assessments you have created or modified.



Q: How do I create additional MSLs?
A: Click the Add another measure link under the previously created MSL(s). For more detailed information, see our support article Adding Measures of Student Learning.
Q: What should the weighting be for each MSL?
A: The weighting of all MSLs together must total 100%. To determine the individual weighting, please refer to your observer or administration.


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