Adding and Managing Measures of Student Learning


Adding MSLs
Creating an MSL
Naming and Adding MSL Details
Adding a Measure to an MSL
Creating Additional MSLs

Managing MSLs
Changing a Measure's Weight
Deleting an MSLA
Submitting an MSL for Approval
Archived MSLs
Printing MSLs

Adding MSLs

The instructions below provide basic directions for adding MSLs. You can get more specific information about your process within your state or district's guidelines.

Creating an MSL

  1. From the home page, click the note that is marked Ready to plan your goals or SLOs?




  1. When the Goal Planning Page opens, click Measures of Student Learning.



  1. Click the Add first Measure of Student Learning link.



Naming and Adding MSL Details

When the MSL opens, complete the form fields as required by your district to identify, describe and categorize the assessment. The fields available vary by state or district, so your view may be different. The following instructions offer general guidelines for completing fields. Please refer to your state or district's guidelines for specific entry instructions.

Items marked with  * are required for end of year reporting purposes.

  • Untitled - name this MSL * – Click in the field and enter a meaningful name. When you begin to type, the placeholder text disappears and is replaced by your entry.
  • Content Area* – Some states/districts ask users to select a subject or content area from a menu. Click in the field to open the menu, and then choose the appropriate subject. To remove a selection, click the "x" on the right side of the tile.
  • Details - The Details section is collapsible, and contains all the fields that are needed to explain and provide additional context for your MSL. Complete the four detail fields according to your district's guidelines. The fields expand as you type to accommodate your text.



Adding a Measure to an MSL

Measures are added in the section that follows the Details section.

  1. Complete the fields below. All of the Scoring Measure fields are marked with * to indicate they are required for end-of-year reporting purposes.
    • Assessment Type * - Click in the field to choose the assessment type used to measure performance.
    • Attribution * - Select either Collective or Individual.
    • Ratings Fields * - Enter rating criteria in each of the four rating fields. To enter a rating, click the edit button that displays when you hover on the upper right corner of the field and then enter text.


  1. When you are finished, click Save this MSL at the bottom of the screen.


Helpful Hint: If you have any questions about what to enter, please refer to your administrator for clarification.



Creating Additional MSLs

  1. Click the Add another MSL link under the Save button.

The new MSL has a different color identifier, which matches its accompanying weight slider.

  1. Complete all the fields as directed in Creating an MSL above.
  2. Click Save this MSL.

When you add a second MSL, the weighting bar at the top of the screen adds a second weight, and reduces the first measure's weight, so they both carry the same weight. You can override and adjust the weighting, if needed. See Changing a Measure's Weight (below) to learn more.



Managing MSLs

Changing a Measure's Weight

You can easily adjust the weightings of multiple MSLs - the software manages the weights to ensure the combined weight equals 100%.

  1. At the top of the screen, position your cursor on the slider to the right of the weight you wish to modify, and drag the slider to the desired weight.
  2. Alternately, click show keyboard input under the slider to open text fields, which you can use to enter numeric weights.


Deleting an MSL

  1. To remove an MSL, click the REMOVE THIS MSL link at the top right of the MSL.

  1. In the dialog box, click Yes, remove this MSL or Cancel to exit the deletion.



Submitting Final MSL(s) for Approval

  1. When you have completed your MSL (s) and are ready to submit for approval, click Set Objectives & Request Approval.


  1. Click Yes, set objectives to complete the save or Cancel to quit.



Helpful Hint: A submitted measure is locked and cannot be edited. If you need to make changes to any or all of your MSLs, your observer must unlock the measures to enable editing.

Archived MSLs

Archived MSLs from previous years can be accessed from the school year menu in the top right. Click the year you wish to view.




Printing MSLs

There is no formal print option for MSLs, but you can use your browser's print tool or Ctrl/P (Windows machines) or Cmd/P (Macs) to send a copy of your MSL screens to your printer. 

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