Aggregated Evidence & Ratings (AE&R): Overview

AE&R allows you to add aggregate ratings to summarize a learner's performance to date. A learner's AE&R screen displays all of the ratings you've made in different activities and all of the shared ratings the other participant made in activities.  The ratings you make here are private - only you can see them. Participants can view each other's ratings only if they have been shared in an observation or through a meeting.

Note: Read-only observers can see all of the primary observer's ratings, and any ratings shared by the learner.

Any ratings you apply in AE&R remain static until you change them. If you wish to preserve your AE&R ratings at a certain point, you can take a Snapshot of the ratings to capture the ratings. Using the Snapshot feature is covered in Creating and Using Snapshots.

Accessing a Learner's AE&R

Navigate to the learner's E-Portfolio to find the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings screen.

  1. Observers start by clicking the learner's profile on the dashboard.
  2. Click the Visit My E-Portfolio button on the learner's home page.


Visit the learner's E-Portfolio

  1. If needed, click the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings tab to open the ratings screen.




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