Creating and Using Snapshots


Creating Snapshots

Using and Viewing Snapshots

Understanding the Snapshot Icons

Creating Snapshots

Snapshots are created in the AE&R screen and allow you to capture and save your  ratings at a particular time. A snapshot creates a static view of the aggregate ratings you mark in AE&R. Snapshots are saved so you can view them later.

  1. After you have applied ratings in the AE&R screen, click Create Snapshot
  2. Enter a short, descriptive name for the snapshot.
  3. If desired, filter evidence or historical ratings by deselecting options.


  1. Click the Change button to specify the evidence and historical data you wish to display.


  1. Click Create Snapshot to complete the snapshot or click Cancel to exit the process.

Directly after you create the snapshot, you can click Undo to delete the snapshot.


Helpful Hint: Do you need to create a multi-year snapshot? Open this article to learn how.


Using and Viewing Snapshots

  1. If you have multiple snapshots and would like to view its data, click the arrow to the right of the Create Snapshot button to view the list.
  2. Select a snapshot from the list that opens. The snapshot opens in a new tab.


  1. Use the Expand / Collapse buttons to open indicators. If you chose to view historical data at the snapshot's creation, some details from the rating activities display; otherwise, you see only rating level descriptions.

AE&R Snapshot - history filtered


Understanding the Snapshot Icons

A snapshot displays the following rating information:

Aggregate rating
Current aggregate ratings given in AE&R are large aqua rectangles that display the rater's initials. Aggregate ratings do not change in the snapshot. 
Observation-level rating
Observation level ratings display as small squares when the indicator is in its collapsed view. The squares are color-coded by rater and are combined to show all raters who chose and shared the rating. This icon displays only if you choose to include historical ratings at the time you create the snapshot. See below for an explanation of expanded view indicator icons. 
Observation-level rating
Individual observation ratings display as larger squares when the indicator is in its expanded view. The squares are color-coded by rater and display the rater's initials. This icon displays only when you choose to include historical ratings at the time you create the snapshot. The icons identify the specific rating activity the rater marked.
Snapshot rating
A historical aggregate rating captured in a previous snapshot displays as a color-coded diamond, with the rater's initials. This icon displays only when you choose to include historical ratings at the time you create the snapshot.


Helpful Hint: If you want to attach a snapshot to a meeting activity, see Attaching Snapshots to learn how.



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