Navigating and Filtering the AE&R Screen

Navigating the AE&R Screen

  1. Click a domain heading to expand the ratings. Click it again to collapse the heading.

Click the domain heading

  1. Click the expand / collapse button to display an indicator's performance level descriptions and evidence.

Expand/collapse evidence

Filtering the AE&R View

AE&R displays all of your rating activities by default. You can change the AE&R view to filter by rating activity and shared status.

  1. Click the Change button above the domains. 

 Click change button

  1. In the filter window, deselect any observation's data and snapshots you do not wish to display.
  2. If desired, choose to show only shared evidence and ratings by selecting the checkbox in Settings
  3. Click Apply to filter the view. The status bar above the domains displays a summary of the filters applied.

AER filter window


Helpful Hint: Do you need to create a multi-year snapshot? Open this article to learn how.


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