Completing the PGP – part 5

Part 5 - Starting the PGP Early and Accessing Support 

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Learner: Accessing Your PGP


This is the last of a 5-part series of short videos that guide you through the process of creating your Professional Growth Plan in the EdReflect platform. The videos are intended to be viewed in sequence.

This fifth video explains how to take a different navigation path for starting your PGP, and also provides support information you can access as you work.

Helpful Hint: When you open your AE&R screen to perform the self-evaluation, you may see that ratings you applied last year are still visible, but the AE&R tool is a dynamic tool that accepts changes at any time. A Snapshot, which is like a screenshot, captures your rating for a specific period of time. For the PGP, you should complete a new rating and save a new Snapshot to display in your new self-evaluation for this year's PGP.


Video Time: 03:01



The self-assessment and goal tools are available to you even before the PGP Meeting is scheduled, so you don't need to wait for your Observer to begin the reflection and goal-setting process.

This may not be appropriate for novice teachers who follow a specified timeline.

Let's look at how you access the PGP activities before the Observer schedules the meeting.

From your home page, click Activities or Visit my E-Portfolio to open your E-Portfolio.

Your E-Portfolio opens to the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings tab.

This is where you assess yourself and create a Snapshot.

The other items in the E-Portfolio fall outside the scope of this video, but include:

The Artifacts tab allows you to upload artifacts for evidence.

The Activities tab displays and provides access to all of your meetings and observations.

Returning to the AE&R tab, we can see the form we've used to mark the self-evaluation.

If there are ratings from previous marking events, you can click other ratings to select them or click directly on the ratings to remove them.

You can select and change the ratings as needed.

Remember, when you create a Snapshot, it will save an image of the new selections that you can attach to the PGP when it is scheduled.

Click Create Snapshot.

Provide a meaningful name for the Snapshot.

We can't choose a meeting to attach this to, because in this scenario, the Observer has not yet scheduled the PGP.

Finish creating the Snapshot.

Remember that you can Undo the Snapshot directly after creating.

Once the PGP Meeting is created, you can attach the Snapshot you took.

From the list of Snapshots, click the Snapshot you created for this PGP.

Similarly, you can create your goals in advance.

The Goal Planning Page is available to you at any time and any goal you create will display in the PGP when it is created.

When you and the Observer have completed the PGP process, the Observer closes the meeting.

However, you can still access the items you completed.

You should refer back to your goals throughout the year.

This concludes our tutorial on Completing the Professional Growth Plan powered by EdReflect.

We’ve covered a lot of ground, so it may be helpful to re-watch certain sections of the video.

If you have any questions or technical concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact EdReflect at or by phone (888)-418-1595.


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    Karen Davis

    helpful, but still overwhelming.

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    This could be a college course offered for credit. Superusers need to be a person who is available to teachers for assistance. Big learning curve and lots of time required!

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    Julie McIndoe

    Districts should supply time and training throughout the year to help with the demands of this program.

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