Completing the PGP - part 1

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Learner: Accessing Your PGP


This is the first of a 5-part series of short videos that guide you through the process of creating your Professional Growth Plan in the EdReflect platform. The videos are intended to be viewed in sequence. Click the link that displays at the end of the video to view the next segment in the series.

This first video provides an overview of the process and platform.

Video Time: 04:01



Welcome to the Training Video: Completing the PROFESSIONAL GROWTH PLAN.

As you watch this video, you may want to have your account open so you can toggle between the video and your account as you follow along.

And remember, you can always pause and rewind the video if you want to review something that was shown.

The PGP is a major component of the Teacher Excellence and Support System, known as TESS, and is the vehicle for improved professional practice.

This video will guide you through the process of creating your Professional Growth Plan in the EdReflect platform.

By the end of this video, you should be able to use the EdReflect platform to:

  • complete a self-evaluation, which provides the basis for identifying areas of strength and more importantly, targets areas for growth.
  • identify your target areas for growth.
  • define actionable goals and align them to the TESS Components of Professional Practice.

The basic Sequence for completing the PGP is:

  • The Observer schedules the PGP Meeting.
  • The Learner self-evaluates using the AE&R tool to rate him/herself across the four domains.
  • The Learner uses their self-evaluation ratings to identify Areas of Strength and Areas for Growth and enters them on note cards.
  • The Learner creates actionable goals for improving the target area and aligns them to the TESS Framework.
  • The Observer and Learner meet to discuss the Learner’s PGP; collaboratively review the Target Area(s); and discuss and revise goals as needed.

To access the PGP, click the meeting in the Current Observations Pane.

You are taken directly to your meeting in the Activities Tab of your E-Portfolio.

All of the PGP Meeting steps are listed and linked in this panel.

The steps are loosely listed in sequential order from top to bottom.

Typically, items at the top should be completed before other activities.

In the Required column, you can see whose participation is required in the different activities.

A solid color square indicates the participant whose initials you see is REQUIRED to complete the activity.

In this example, the initials DL stand for Demo Learner.

The Learner is required to complete the Self-Evaluation and Goals activities.

This gray square displays the initials DO, which stands for Demo Observer.

A gray square indicates the participant is not required to complete the activity, but in some cases, like this one, it is strongly recommended that the participant complete the activity.

In the Status column, you can see if any updates have been made.

Because this is a brand new PGP, there are no updates.

If someone had worked on any of the PGP activities, the date and time of their last edit would display next to their name.

Clicking an activity link opens an activity.

Once you are in an activity, you can navigate to any of the other activities by clicking on the navigation tabs at the top.

You can return Home to the Activities tab of your E-Portfolio by clicking the house icon.

You can always return to your Home Page by clicking the EdReflect logo.

Let's return to the PGP activity by clicking the Activities tab.


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