Modifying Evidence Sharing in Collected Evidence

The Collected Evidence screen allows you to view all of your collected evidence plus any evidence shared with you. You may use Collected Evidence to modify the shared status of evidence you've collected.

  1. Click Collected Evidence in the navigation bar at top to open it. 
  2. Review the shared status of evidence in the Shared column on the right.
  3. To share an individual, unshared item, click the box under the Shared column. Changes are made immediately.
  4. To unshare an individual, shared item, unclick the box under the Shared column to remove the check mark. Changes are made immediately.

Note: You can quickly share or unshare all of your evidence by using the All or None links in the Shared column. Edits to an item's shared status are auto-saved and effective immediately. 


Using Source Filter to View Evidence Collected in Steps

View evidence by Source to edit sharing in specific activity steps.

  1. Click the blue activities link under Source to open the activity menu. All steps are selected by default.
  2. In the activity menu that displays, deselect steps you do not wish to view.
  3. Click the link again to collapse the menu.



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