Creating the User Information Template (Bulk User Upload)

Prior to starting a bulk upload, you must create a User Information Template that includes all the user data required to create multiple user accounts. The template is a CSV or Excel file where exported, pasted or entered user data is arranged in rows to represent individual users. Each column represents the user's attributes: First name, Last name, Email, Employee ID, Observed role, and Observer role.

You can download a blank User Information Template here, which you may use as a reference or to paste/enter your data. You can also download a data guide here, which provides descriptions of the values entered in the template. Data must be entered exactly as described or errors will prevent the process from progressing. 




Please review the suggestions below before you begin uploading your user list.

Check Data Check data carefully to ensure it meets the specifications in the Data Guide. 
Email Address Each user must have a unique email address. Duplicate entries cause the upload to fail.
Employee ID

Each user must have a unique Employee ID. Duplicate entries cause the upload to fail.

If you are using Excel, please check the accuracy of numeric employee IDs that begin with zeros. Excel will strip leading zeros if the cells' format is not set to "text."

This user is being observed / This user is observing others There must be an entry of Y (yes) in one or both of these fields. If both fields are blank for a user, the upload will fail.  
School Affiliation

The first step of the Bulk Upload gives you the option to choose a school affiliation for the list you are uploading. If you wish to assign users to a single school during the upload process, make sure the users on your list belong to the school. Assigning a school during the upload process is optional

You can always assign schools later to various groups of users in the Bulk User Management process.




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