Managing Users' Rubrics (Bulk User Tools)

The Bulk User Management tools allow Org Admins to assign and reassign
rubrics to multiple users. Be aware that learners should have only one rubric.



  1. From the Update Existing Users tab, select rubric assignment from the I'm Updating field.
  2. Choose to display unassigned users and/or users with a rubric assignment.

  1. Click individual users to select them. Your selections accumulate as you click. You do not need to press a key (Ctrl, Shift orCMD) to make multiple selections. 
    • Use Filter by schools to scale the list to specific school users.
    • Alternately, use Select all to choose all users on the list.
    • To deselect an item, click it again, or use Deselect All to clear all selections.
    • You can also use the search field to find a specific user.

  1. Once you have selected the appropriate users, you may drag and drop them to the appropriate rubric or use a dialog box to manually assign users to a rubric or rubrics.
    • Drag and drop users to rubrics
      • Drag the selected users to the appropriate rubric in the bottom panel. As you drag, a cursor image displays the number of selected users you are assigning to the rubric.
      • When the rubric icon animates, you may release the mouse button. The assignment is made immediately. The number of assignees in the bottom right corner updates.
    • Manually assign users to rubrics
    • Use Manual assignment to assign users to either individual or multiple rubrics.
      • After selecting users, click Manually assign them multiple rubrics.
      • In the dialog box that displays, select the rubric(s) you wish to assign to the users.
      • Click Save Assignment to complete the rubric assignments. 


Helpful Hint: Learners should have only one assigned rubric. The manual rubric assignment tool allows you to assign multiple rubrics to a learner. Please make sure you assign just one rubric per learner.


Reassigning Learners to Rubrics

You should remove the learner's current rubric before you assign a new rubric, to ensure the learner has only one rubric. See Removing Learners from Rubrics below to learn how to unassign rubrics from learner accounts. 

You can reassign groups of learners to rubrics by using the Rubric Selection pane at the bottom of the Bulk User Management screen.

  1. Click the desired rubric tile to open a reassignment pane. The reassignment pane displays the list of learners currently assigned to the rubric, next to a column of your organization's rubrics.


  1. Select the users you would like to reassign from the current rubric. As noted in the assignment instructions above, your selections accumulate automatically, and you may use Select all (above the list). Similarly, to deselect an item, click it again, or use the Deselect all link.
  2. Once you have selected the appropriate users, you may drag and drop them to the appropriate rubric in the column on the right. 

Removing Learners from Rubrics

  1. After opening the reassignment pane above, select the users you wish to remove from the rubric.
  2. Click the just remove them from this rubric link at the bottom left of the Reassignment pane (highlighted in the image above). 

The removal is made immediately.


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