Creating an Auto-Share Relationship

Activities are conducted between a learner and observer. There are situations where it is appropriate for other observers to be able to view a learner’s activity, but not participate in the activity. Creating an auto-share relationship will enable an observer who did not schedule the activity to view the activity for a learner. In order to view the activity, the read-only observer must have the learner on their observer dashboard and have an auto-share relationship with the observer who scheduled the activity.

 It is worth noting that this relationship is not retroactive.  Activities that have already been scheduled will need to be manually shared by the observer who scheduled the activity in order for it to be visible to the read-only observer.

  1. Navigate to the observer's profile using the Manage Users feature of your Org Admin role.
  2. Click Relationships at the top of the page.
  3. Click an auto-share link to choose observers.
    • These people can see [user name's] observations
    • [User name] can see observations by these people



  1. Click Add new auto-share observer.
  2. Select an organization, if applicable, and then select an observer.




Removing Auto-Share Relationships

To remove an auto-share relationship, perform the actions below:

  1. Return to either the primary observer's or auto-share observer's profile, and then open the appropriate auto-share link.
  2. Find the desired user tile and click Delete in the upper right corner.



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