Schedule Button is Missing From Observer Dashboard

The appearance of the Schedule button is based on the assigned learner template groups. Learner template groups are managed at the organization level by the organization's EdReflect administrator.  If you believe you should have access to schedule a particular activity for a learner, please reach out to your organization's EdReflect administrator.


For Org Admins

To assign a learner template group you can use your Org Admin role to complete the following:

1. As an Org Admin, click Manage Users.

2. Find and click on the learner's name to access the learner's profile. (More information about accessing the learner’s profile can be found in the Create New User support article.

3. In the Roles, Rubrics, and Template Groups section, choose the appropriate learner template group(s). (If you're not sure which learner template group to assign, please email

Note for Arkansas Users: Learner template groups correspond with the rubric and control which activities can be scheduled for the learner. For example, a learner who is assigned the Educator rubric should also be assigned the Educator learner template group.

4. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the change.

After the learner is assigned the appropriate learner template group, the observer will be able to schedule additional activities for the learner.

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