Top EOY Worksheet Questions

End of year is a busy time and we want to make it easier for you to complete your EdReflect tasks, so we've compiled the top 6 questions we get about the end of year worksheet and provided answers.


Snapshot does not attach to EOY worksheet or attached snapshot rating is incorrect

Delete a snapshot

EOY Tasks tab is missing

Display EOY Tasks Tab

Learner cannot edit or observer cannot approve SLO 

I cannot see all shared evidence from an activity


My snapshot does not attach to the EOY Worksheet, or
I attached a snapshot, but the rating is incorrect (Observers)

Snapshots attach only when aggregate ratings are selected. Aggregate ratings are shown as large aqua boxes with your initials.

Note: Historical ratings from prior observations and snapshots, which display as smaller squares and diamonds, are not used to calculate the final rating. Only aggregate ratings are used to calculate the final rating.




Once aggregate ratings have been marked, you can take a new snapshot using the instructions in this support article and then attach the snapshot to the EOY Worksheet.

If you have questions about which indicators to rate or how to determine the aggregate rating, please consult your state or district policies.

Note:  Observers in Delaware select both the component-level drop down and criteria-level ratings.

Here's a quick video on creating and attaching a snapshot.  Please be sure to refer to your district’s process to determine what you are required to rate.



How can I delete a snapshot? (Observer)

Snapshots cannot be deleted at this time. Please note that snapshots are not visible to other participants until they are attached to a meeting or to the EOY Worksheet. After you attach a snapshot, it becomes visible to the other participants in the meeting.

To check whether your snapshot is attached:

  1. Return to the Aggregated Evidence & Ratings (AE&R) page where you took the snapshot by clicking Visit learner’s E-Portfolio.
  2. Click the drop-down menu next to the Create Snapshot button.
  3. Snapshots that are attached to a meeting display a paperclip icon and list the name of the meeting below the snapshot title, as seen below.





End of Year Tasks tab does not appear at the top of my observer dashboard (Observer and Org Admin)

The End of Year Tasks tab appears at the top of an observer’s dashboard when the observer has been assigned as the end of year evaluator for learners who have end of year classifications.

If you do not see the End of Year Tasks tab, please contact your district’s EdReflect administrator and, if needed, send them this article for information on how to make end of year assignments.



How do I make end of year assignments and make the End of Year Tasks tab display for observers? (Org Admin)

Org Admins must complete end of year assignments in order for observers to see the End of Year Tasks tab and complete EOY worksheets for learners. Org Admins can make assignments in the Bulk User Management Tools of Manage Users, as shown below.




There are 2 steps to making these assignments:

Step 1: Assign end of year classifications to learners

Step 2: Assign end of year evaluators to learners

You can find more information and support articles on modifying assignments and additional end of year FAQs here.



Learner cannot edit SLOs or as an observer, I can’t approve the SLOs
(Learners and Observers in CT, DE, CO, and MN) 

The SLO tool is used and alternately controlled by the observer and learner. When the observer has control, the learner is unable to edit or submit their SLOs. The same is true in reverse. When the learner has control of the SLO, the observer is unable to enable editing or approve the SLOs.

Please note that SLOs can also be referred to MSLs, Component V, or other titles, depending on your state and district preferences.

Observers can easily check the status of an SLO to understand where it is in the process from the observer dashboard or from the EOY Worksheet.

Check SLO status from observer dashboard 

  1. Open the activity overview for the goal-setting activity that houses the SLO step.
    • Observers -  open the activity overview on your observer dashboard.
    • Learners - open the activity overview from the Activities tab of your E-Portfolio.
  2. Look at the Status column of the SLO step in the appropriate activity.

Wondering what the statuses mean? Click here for more information.

Helpful Hint: Observers can scroll across the dashboard to view all learners' SLO statuses.




Check SLO status from EOY Worksheet

Observers can also view the learner’s SLO status directly from the learner’s EOY Worksheet. There are multiple reasons why ratings may not display, so if SLOs are not rated, you will see one of the following status messages on the EOY Worksheet.

  • Learner has not submitted the SLO (or MSL, Component V, etc.)  for approval
    Learner next step
    : the learner submits SLO(s) for approval by scrolling to the bottom of the SLO page and clicking Set Objectives & Request Approval.
  • Learner’s SLO (MSL, Component V, etc.) have not been approved
    Observer next steps
    • Click Visit the SLO (or MSL, Component V, etc.) link to open the SLO(s). 
    • Scroll to the bottom of the SLO page and click Approve SLO.
    • Refresh the page to update the ratings.

For more information on approving SLOs, click here.

Wondering what the statuses mean? Click here for more information.



I cannot see all the evidence in the activity that was shared with me
(Learners and Observers)

Evidence and notes are shared in multiple places, but you can view and edit sharing of all consolidated shared evidence in Collected Evidence.

To quickly view and change the shared status of tagged evidence:

  1. Click on the Collected Evidence tab at the top of the page.  
    • Tagged items that have been shared display a checkmark to the right under the Shared column.  
  1. To share all evidence, click All to place a checkmark next to each tag, as shown below.
  2. To share individual pieces of evidence, click individual checkboxes to share or unshare.




Helpful Hint: Another way to confirm what’s been shared is to click the gear icon in the top right corner and then click What’s been shared? To share all evidence and activities, you can click Share all activities & evidence.

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